Solvo is a service company that provides solutions in the area of industrial automation. Solutions related to the issues of our customers, of course.

Industriel automation i bredeste forstand inden for maskin- og procesindustri. Solvo.

Automation in the Broadest Sense of the Word


Within the framework of automation, Solvo provides services. We consider Solvo as a service company within the branches of automation. At Solvo we are specialised in the following:

Robotautomation. FANUC, KUKA. Simulering, programmering, idriftsætning, konsulentbistand. Solvo.

Robot Automation is the Future


Simulation, programming, commissioning, consultancy, all-over projects – there are a lot of possibilities.

Relevant dataopsamling, dataanalyse og overskuelig præsentation af resultater. Optimering. Solvo.

Knowledge is Power


Relevant aggregation of data, data analysis and accessible presentation of results are all important prerequisites in order to make the choises that optimise the production of your company.

Erfarne programmører leverer konsulentbistand, programmering af enkeltdele og samlede løsninger. OLC, HMI, SCADA. Solvo. Industriel automation

Experienced Programmers


In all aspects from consultancy over programming of separate parts to supplying you with a complete solution, Solvo's progammers can help you.

Design af maskiner og maskindele. Prototyper. Udvikling. 2D. 3D. Solvo

Designing and Constructing Machines

mechanics machinery

At Solvo we focus on the entirety of a given project. Therefore, we develop machines as well as automation that can solve the exact needs of our customers.

Projekter. Prototyper. Tværfaglig tilgang. Innovation. Udvikling. Solvo. Industriel automation

An Entire Solution


We are happy to supply our customers with an entire solution. Let us know which projects you need solved. Focusing on quality in everything we do and with an interdisciplinary approach to the tasks, Solvo is at your service.