About Solvo

Solvo is a minor and flexible service company with the main purpose of providing our customers with durable and well-considered solutions with a passion for automation.

In December 2014 Jesper Vestergaard Nissen Established Solvo ApS


Today the company has 5 emplyees. Rest of the staff has competences within software developing, data analysis, PLC, HMI, SCADA, and robot programming. This is why Solvo resolve a range of different assignments and delivers a holistic approach to the tasks given.

In 2020 Solvo earned the title as a Gazelle Company. Every year the newspaper, Børsen, shortlists the Danish companies that live up to certian criterias according to growth, earnings and turnover, and this list is called the Gazelles.

Solvo. Jeg løser. Industriel automation. Innovation. Data. Mekanik. Robot. PLC. HMI. SCADA. Programmering.

Why Solvo?

our name

It is a big decision to name your child. It it not necessarily easier to come up with the right name for your company. Nevertheless, we ended up deciding on Solvo, and the word itself actually says a lot about us:

Solvo means "I resolve" in Latin. Which, at the end of the day, is what we do: we provide solutions within the automation business in a broad sense - also when there is no obvious solution to a problem.

Solvo. Industriel automation. Innovation. Data. Mekanik. Robot. PLC. HMI. SCADA. Programmering. Tandhjul. Ovalhjulsmåler. Mindre automationsvirksomhed.

The Gear

14 teeth

Solvo's logo is a good example of the way we approach assignments. The logo bears in it more meaning, than one might think.

The O's in the logo is in the shape of gears, and each gear has 14 teeth, commenting on the founding year of 2014.

Furthermore, the gears are oval. This makes the turning of the wheels more complicated, nevertheless possible and in some instances necessary in order to obtain certain goals. Such as the construction of the oval gear flow meter - a tool for the measurement of volume flow, where the oval gears make this process possible. This is an example of succesful rethinking - as we do it in Solvo.