Automation only makes sense in connection with the maschinery that will be controlled by the automation technology. Solvo's approach to projects are always comprehensive and we also deliver mechanical solutions, including designing mechinery and machinery parts.

Prototype. Enelift. Solvo. Udvikling. Maskindsign.
Prototype. Enelift. Solvo. Udvikling. Maskindesign. Værktøj.

Developing and Testing


Experience, innovation, cooperation, and an interdisciplinary approach are keywords in developing prototypes. These are also Solvo's core values as we take pride in developing solutions that is actually being used and thereby creating value for money.

At Solvo we are experienced in designing machines and in developing prototypes. We find it intriguing to be part of the development of new machinery and functions. Meeting tasks with an interdisciplinary approach, Solvo offers original and innovative ideas, as well as an overview of excisting products and possibilities in the market, that e.g. can be applied in new settings.

As part of a development project regarding tube handling for the company Enelift, that offers high-quality integrated lifting solutions for the energy sector, Solvo has developed prototype hardware.

It All Starts with a Model


We are designing and modelling machines and parts in 3D. This forms the basis of further development of the project as well as basis of the 2D drawing material. Further ideas and corrections can now be visualised before the parts are being produced.

Design og udvikling af maskiner og maskindele. Automation. Programmering. Solvo

Developing Machines and Machine Parts


Automation and hardware go hand in hand.

Solvo is founded and run by a Marine Engineer and Authorised Electrical Installer who has always had a flair for mechanics and electricity. In that sense, an overall view of a given task is part of the DNA of Solvo.

Developing, modelling, and producing a machine or parts of it is also part of Solvo's service.