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passion for automation!

Durable solutions are the DNA of Solvo

At Solvo we operate holistically and have insight into everything from mechanics and automation to data, hardware and software. With this multifaceted approach, we create high-quality solutions within the field of industrial automation.


Industriel automation bredt set, Robot, Data, PLC, HMI, SCADA. KUKA.

We develop automation solutions within the areas of ROBOT, DATA, PLC, HMI and SCADA

Industriel automation bredt set. Design, udvikling og optimering af prototyper og maskiner.

We develop prototypes and machinery to diverse industries. We design machines, machine parts, and tools for robots

Industriel automation bredt set. Samlede løsninger og projekter. Vindmølleindustri.

Let us provide you with an entire solution. Our multifaceted approach help us deliver high-quality solutions

Solvo is latin and means ”I resolve”.

Having a name promising solutions creates certain expectations, but we find, in all modesty, that we meet these well.

With great knowledge of the opportunities of the automation business, we provide innovative and long-lasting solutions.

Vi løser mange forskellige opgaver inden for industriel automation bredt set: dataopsamling, dataanalyse, programmering af robot, PLC, HMI, SCADA.

We Resolve Large and Small Projects


In many larger and smaller manufacturing companies there are room for optimization in production. In this respect, Solvo contributes with an interdisciplinary look at the tasks. We offer both data acquisition and processing, for example as a basis for the optimization of workflows, as well as solutions within automation of robots, PLC, HMI and SCADA. Besides this, and we design and develop mechanical parts. data acquisition and processing, for example as a basis for the optimisation of workflows, as well as solutions within automation of robots, PLC, HMI and SCADA. Besides this, we develop and model the mechanical parts.

At Solvo we resolve small and large tasks in cooperation with small and large companies.

Food Production ApS


Solvo shows great insight into our needs as a small company. Our production facilities were at a start very manually based. Now, by Solvo's help, it is more automated which has been a good investment.

Benni Olsen, owner of Food-Production

passion for automation!

Our values

In a close dialogue about the content of tasks, Solvo provides durable solutions based on your requirements for the final product


Cooperation and dialogue

We attach great importance to good cooperation about a given task. This manifests itself not only in better solutions but also in greater customer satisfaction. With a broad understanding of products and options we create high quality solutions from an interdisciplinary and holistic approach to the task.

Værdi for pengene

Value for money

We provide sustainable solutions giving you value for money. We consider quality and honesty important values – always suggesting solutions, we assess, our customers make the most of. Therefore, we only accept a task if we estimate, it can be solved in a satisfactory manner and within a realistic time frame.



As a small business with a short way from resolution to action, we generally respond quickly. Solvo resolve both minor tasks and larger projects – this we consider also as an expression of flexibility. We have great knowledge of automation in the broadest sense of the word, so we can quickly come up with a proposal for a solution.

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