Solvo gladly handles the entire process towards a complete project. We operate holistically and have insight into everything from mechanics and automation to data, hardware and software. This is a good base for innovation projects.

Samlede løsninger og projekter. Automation. Vindmølleindustri. Udviklingsprojekter.

An Overall View of the Task


Minor as well as larger projects are best resolved in a close dialogue on the content of the task. We can help you clarify how to solve an assignment in a manner to make the final product work comprehensible and efficiently.

Solvo develops and delivers anything from basic automation solutions to large and complex tasks. We deliver solutions to companies across the globe as well as locally, and we offer both online and field support.

Projekter. Prototyper. Tværfaglig tilgang. Innovation. Udviklingsprojekter. Solvo.

An Experienced Developer


Solvo frequently perform innovation projects in the framework of larger companies. These clients prefer the flexibility of hiring an external consultant from a minor, agile company as Solvo, where competences are many and the journey from decision to action is short.